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  • We can all speak emoji... now we can EAT them
  • Features over 30 delicious and simple cake and cookie recipes
  • Step by step instructions and photos for every decorating technique
  • Poop cupcakes, heart cookies, unicorn layer cakes and more
  • See your favourite emojis rendered in sponge and icing
We can all speak emoji (some of us better than others) but now we can eat them – in the form of delicious cake.

The aptly-named Cakemoji is a scrumptious collection of emoji-themed bakes, all of them simple to make, yet ludicrously tasty. The author takes a very relaxed approach, encouraging you to focus on the fun rather than worrying about getting everything perfect first time.

All the classics have been brought to life – crying with tears of joy beautifully rendered in fondant-covered sponge, cat and dog cakes, heart cookies, poop cupcakes (our personal favourite), a majestic unicorn layer cake and much more. You can even make a birthday cake emoji... AS A CAKE! 🙀

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