C-3PO Vintage Kenner 12" Action Figure
  • C-3PO Vintage Kenner 12" Action Figure

C-3PO Vintage Kenner 12" Action Figure

‘This oil bath is going to feel sooo good!’

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    With his retro-modern styling, camp utterances and cowardly manner, C-3PO is unlike any other robot in the galaxy. And that’s exactly why Kenner’s original C-3PO action figure was such a smash. The only problem was his diminutive size. But you can’t keep a good human-cyborg relations droid down, which is why Threepio is back in the much bigger shape of the C-3PO Vintage Kenner Action Figure.

    Modelled on the first ever C-3PO action figure from 1978, this servo-grindingly evocative, limited edition plaything stands a satisfying 12” tall. Made using digital scans of the classic 3 ¾” figure that thrilled millions of Star Wars nuts, the odds of you not loving it are approximately 3,720 to 1. Maybe more.

    But it’s not just about the actual figure because Threepio’s replica packaging boasts original artwork and photos and a resealable plastic clamshell that allows you to display him in all his retro-boxed glory. Brilliant, although, as ol’ Goldenrod might say, ‘Why I should stick my neck out for you is quite beyond my capacity!’

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