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Busbi Digital Video Camera DV366
  • Busbi Digital Video Camera DV366

Busbi Digital Video Camera DV366

Less fuss, more fun!

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    Record all the action

    You don't want a video camera with umpteen buttons, baffling menus and an instruction manual thicker than a Big Brother housemate, do you? No, you want a point and shoot machine that allows you to create home movies and upload them to your computer in a flash.

    Well snap your clapperboard and say 'love your work baby' to the idiot-proof Busbi Digital Video Camera DV366. This simple but supremely effective little gizmo is ideal for capturing...well, anything you fancy: your best mate 'admiring' his freshly shaven eyebrows and biro 'tache, vids of the kids, holiday high jinks, chicken oriental nights out, or Tarantino-esque clips of Barbie bashing up Action Man.

    FLip up USB close-up

    Transfer to your PC via built-in USB

    Slimmer than a dieting supermodel, the battery-operated Busbi has 9 buttons: On/Off, Delete, Mode, Resolution, Record and 4 navigation keys. Even your nan could use it (once you've told her it's a camera, not a newfangled remote for her heated rollers). A 2" LCD screen means you can inspect your filmic masterpieces immediately and you can even flip it around to make a quick video blog.

    The nifty playback mode also allows you to view/delete the last video captured. If you want to watch all the videos captured, simply slide out the Busbi’s USB jack and plug it into your computer. You can even hook it up to the telly with the included AV cable.

    screen flipping close-up

    Flip out the 2" LCD screen

    Talking of computers, the Busbi's easy peasy editing software means social networkers and YouTubers can upload vids to the web in seconds. So next time you decide to film one of your mates falling off his skateboard with a firework stuck somewhere silly, you can share it with the world in seconds. You can even add special FX. And to think someone once said the internet was good for nothing.

    The head-scratchingly inexpensive Busbi comes with a 128MB internal memory; but for truly epic nights out you can upgrade to a 4GB card. Quite what you're going to capture with this much storage space at your disposal is enough to boggle the mind. But don't waste time rubbing your hands together in gleeful anticipation, get ordering and start Busbi-ing away for real. And...cut!

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