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Burn Rate

    Burn Rate

    Recreate the buzz of life as a devious dotcom tycoon

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      Remember when countless dotcom moguls lost their shirts a few years back? Well now you can re-create those glorious days and make a monumental cock-up of your own business with this frighteningly realistic card game.

      Burn Rate is a simple, addictive and amusingly vindictive little diversion where you assume the role as CEO of your own unprofitable start-up dotcom.

      Your goal is to be the last player to lose all your money. Along the way you can live it up like a genuine dotcom tycoon and watch in glee as opponents make an utter pigÂ’s ear of things whilst you force them to play hilarious (and eerily familiar) "Bad Idea" cards and poach their key employees.

      Although it's just make believe, Burn Rate is incredibly satisfying to play, especially when other players start losing money hand over fist. Take it from us, Burn Rate is a pretty realistic parody of life in cyberspace, because sometimes, doing everything wrong really is the best way to get it right.

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