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Burger Socks

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Burger Socks
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  • Sink your toes into a meaty burger
  • Perfect for cheesy feet and er... minced feet
  • Tasty food once folded down, tasteful designs when unfurled
  • Designs are knitted instead of printed so that they last longer
After years of hearing "put a sock in it!" – someone has finally done the decent thing and cooked up a range of socks that look good enough to ram in your gob.

Burger Socks are an ingenious combination of tasty junk food and tasteful knitted footwear. Neatly fold them down and they look exactly like a towering cheese burger. Once unravelled, these delicious parcels open up to reveal a stylish and minimalist pattern; the details are knitted right into the fabric so that they last longer.

Buy now to turn your sock drawer into a glutinous platter of scrumptious stockings.

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2 Reviews

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  • "When I opened the package, I very nearly sank my teeth into them. We all know pizza still tastes great cold!"
    Tom - 30th of November, 2016
  • "A fun way to deliver the annual Christmas socks gift. If they get eaten by mistake, you can always provide vouchers specsavers."
    Stella - 11th of November, 2016