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Burg5 Phone Watch
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Burg5 Phone Watch

Talk to the hands

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    SIM card slot

    Insert a SIM card in the side

    It used to be that mobile phones were just a handy way to make calls on the move. But now they’re as vital to our survival as clean pants and lungs. However, sometimes it’s just not practical to carry our mobiles with us. They’re either too heavy, too delicate, or just make us a target for hoodlums. So the next time you’re wandering into a moshpit, stepping out on a run, or heading down the pub, strab on a Burg5 Phone Watch instead.

    Why? Because this ingenious wristwatch is a mobile phone! Just slot your SIM card into the side and it’s ready to make and receive calls. The dial has a built in microphone and speakers for Dick Tracy-style conference calls. But if you need a little privacy you can always plug in the handsfree kit. It’s the perfect way to keep in touch when you’re travelling light. And speaking of lights...


    Handsfree kit and USB charger

    The simple watch face glows blue when you’re in an area of good reception, and yellow when it’s poor. And when a call comes in it puts on a multicolour lightshow to grab your attention. What's more, it will even speak the number of the incoming caller out loud, to let you know who it is. So now you can really baffle your friends when your watch bleeps, flashes, barks out random numbers... and then starts talking like your mum!

    Available in five colours:
    five different colours







    Store up to 6 speed dial numbers

    Save up to six speed dial numbers on the simple number keys, so calling home or your best friends is as easy as pressing a button. What’s more, you can lock the keypad easily, so you won’t accidentally make any calls. And you don’t need to worry about battery life – the built in rechargeable phone battery (separate from the watch battery) will give you up to six hours of chatting time. And it charges up in no time with the USB cable provided.

    So the next time you’re getting ready to leave the house, think twice about taking your clunky mobile with you. With a Burg5 strapped to your wrist, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

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