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Bunny Lebowski Nail Varnish
  • Bunny Lebowski Nail Varnish
  • Bunny Lebowski Nail Varnish

Bunny Lebowski Nail Varnish

"Blow on them"

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  • Paint your nails like a nymphomaniac trophy wife
  • You may need a friendly bearded dude to blow them dry for you
  • Wear the elegant porn star stylings of Bunny LaJoya
  • The perfect accessory for enhancing your own elaborate kidnapping
  • No need to go and find a cash machine, we accept card and Paypal


Bunny Lebowski AKA Bunny LaJoya, star of 'Logjammin.' She's the scantily-clad nymphomaniac trophy wife of Jeff Lebowski, a wonderful woman, we're all very fond of her. Very free-spirited. What she'd do for $1000 is neither here nor there, but she certainly had great taste in nail varnish.

So lay on a heavy coating of this iconic emerald polish, then relax on your sun-lounger and wait for a friendly bearded dude to come along and blow your nails dry. Whether you then decide to stage your own elaborate kidnapping and send a cautionary severed toe in the mail to your friends and family is completely up to you.

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  • "Now I just need to find someone to blow on my toes!"
    Becky - 19th of February, 2016