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Bungee Jump
  • Bungee Jump

Bungee Jump

Three, two, waarghh!!!

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    3, 2, 1, BUNGEE! These are the last words you will hear before launching yourself from a 170ft platform and plummeting rapidly towards the ground. Once you have jumped, a euphoric sense of achievement fills your body with the knowledge that you have jumped with nothing more than an elastic band to save you!

    On arrival you will complete a membership form. You will be given a full safety briefing and be weighed to ensure the correct bungee rope is used. Then you will be securely attached to the rope and taken up in the bungee cage. From there it s up to you to leap off! DVDs of your jump, photos of your experience and other merchandise will be available to purchase on the day.

    Gift Pack:
    All Firebox Gift Experience vouchers ship in a smart boxed presentation gift tin containing:
    Voucher Lanyard Keyring

    The lucky recipient's personalised Gift Voucher

    A lanyard to wear on the day

    A Keyring

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