Bungee Birdfeeder
  • Bungee Birdfeeder

Bungee Birdfeeder

Seedy stuntman!

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    Bungee Birdfeeder

    Seedy Fella

    Guess what? There’s some seedy fella hanging around Firebox Meadows. But we’re not worried because it’s the Bungee Bird Feeder and the local wildlife absolutely love him!

    As you can see, this plucky adrenaline junkie is made entirely of birdseed. Better still he’s bravely agreed to bungee from any branch in your garden and get nibbled and pecked to pieces by hungry birds and intrepid squirrels. Mmm... yellow millet!

    A fantastically quirky gift for nature lovers, Bill Oddie types and full-on fans of ornithology, the Bungee Birdfeeder puts a humorous new twist on old-school birdfeeders – and that’s not particularly difficult when you look at the unsightly mesh cages and twee gazebos cluttering up the local garden centre.

    Bungee Birdfeeder


    Guaranteed to get the neighbours talking and the wildlife squawking, the Bungee Birdfeeder is clearly made of strong stuff, but to be precise he’s a mix of 100% edible nutrition, including yellow millet in husk, red millet in husk, yellow broomcorn millet and red broomcorn millet. Think of him as man-shaped muesli for ravenous tweetie birds. Failing that, think of him as a pile of birdseed shaped like a bungee-ing bloke.

    We’ve got a couple of Bungee Birdfeeders hanging from the windowsills here at Firebox Towers and the birds adore ‘em. Believe us, you’ll crack up when you see a pair of tits (no laughing at the back) nibbling at his arms and legs. Indeed, watching the birds peck away at this hapless chap is really rather relaxing. Just make sure you attach his little red rope securely or else he might just… Aaarghhhh!

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