Bullitt Ford Mustang Die Cast
  • Bullitt Ford Mustang Die Cast

Bullitt Ford Mustang Die Cast

A man, a car, and a tough act to follow

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    Detail – rear

    A very accurate scale replica of
    the famous movie machine

    Before Bourne, Ronin, Vanishing Point and even the Italian Job (the good one), there was one car-chase movie that left all the others in the dust. Bullitt: the story of a tenacious Police Lieutenant and his 1968 Ford Mustang GT 390 CID Fastback. Oh, and some other stuff about hitmen, witnesses, bad cops, the Mafia... that sort of thing. But what kept people coming back to the movie time and again was to watch Steve McQueen as the eponymous Bullitt, powering that great green mustang in pursuit of justice. Cinema (and San Francisco) would never be the same again.

    Detail – side

    This 1:18th scale die cast model even comes in the same shade of Highland Green paint the original had

    Detail under bonnet

    Pop the hood and look at that engine!

    And now you can celebrate this game-changing classic with the Bullitt Ford Mustang Die Cast. This officially-licensed 1:18 scale die cast is a faithful replica of Bullitt’s iconic car; from the number plate to the Highland Green paintjob. For collectors, it even comes in its own Bullitt movie packaging.

    But who would want to keep this in the box? Especially when you can open the doors, pop the bonnet, and drive it around your own San Frankitchen. Relive this classic piece of Hollywood history, or discover for the first time what made Bullitt the car-lovers’ movie of choice. Well, with a name like that, he was never going to be a window cleaner...

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