Summer Sale 2018
Building Block Soaps
  • Building Block Soaps

Building Block Soaps

Brick it in the bathtub

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    Holding the Red building block soap

    Build at bathtime!

    When washing oneself of a morning the mind frequently wanders to matters of play. So why not expand upon this mindless noodling and get yourself into a lather of iconic, toy-inspired cleanliness with our brilliantly bizarre Building Block Soaps.

    Fashioned to resemble the world’s favourite plastic building blocks, each colourful bar (or should we say block) features 8 soapy studs. How long said studs stay there for depends on the frequency/ferocity of your scrub-a-dub dubbing. Us? We think they look too cool to sully with water and rub over your bits so ours are sitting intact and unused in Firebox’s communal washroom.

    Fabulously quirky gifts for the building block fan with everything or the sweaty architect with a sense of humour, Building Block Soaps are set to slip off the shelves faster than you can say ‘Don’t forget your armpits’. So get ordering before we forget ourselves and mention the L word.

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