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Build a Burger

A well-balanced diet

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Build a Burger
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  • A fast-food Jenga-style balancing act, with a twist!
  • Pick a card, build your burger, pray that it doesn't collapse the tower
  • 20 'food order' cards and 36 burger pieces to stack
  • Includes a board so you can play a variety of other games with it
Think of Jenga as that slightly underwhelming side dish of chunky chips, and Build a Burger as the mouth-watering main event.

You start by shuffling the "food order" cards and taking a card from the top of the pile. Depending on what menu appears on the card, you then (using a pair of slightly unwieldy tongs) have to create a precarious burger tower out of the bread, patty, cheese, lettuce and other cute kawaii components.

As the burgers mount higher and higher, so too does the unbearable pressure.

The box also includes a game board as well some Japanese (but very self explanatory) instructions so you can play a variety of other games with the same pieces.

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