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Bug DAB Digital Radio
  • Bug DAB Digital Radio

Bug DAB Digital Radio

Behold the future of radio!

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    When the digital revolution began gathering steam (or should that be warp speed?), plenty of pseudo-pundits predicted the imminent demise of radio as we know it. Thankfully, they were right and wrong in equal measure. Because although crackly old Noel Edmonds' shows are now a thing of the past, the future belongs to DAB digital radio, a revolutionary format that pretty much renders old-school radio obsolete.

    Bug DAB Radio: Side shots

    Bug DAB Radio: In location Why? Well, for starters DAB sounds flippin' amazing, is interference free and allows listeners to tune into DAB only stations as well as regular radio. You can also see which track you're listening to via displays that show track titles, artists' names and full programme details.

    But what's that got to do with this weird-looking thingamabob called the Bug? Well, believe it or not, this retro space-age gizmo (a real dead ringer for Jonny5 from Short Circuit) is actually a state-of-the-art DAB digital radio, and it's not just groundbreaking in the style stakes. The staggeringly brainy Bug can pause, rewind and record live radio. No, really!

    Bug DAB Radio: Animation The Bug's ingenious Sky+-style 'ReVu' technology means you can pause a track, make a cuppa, and resume listening as you dunk your biccies. If you like what you hear you can rewind the broadcast and record it to the Bug's built-in memory. So now you'll never have to fumble around for the 'rec' and 'play' buttons when your favourite track comes on. (Are we showing our age here?).

    Bug DAB Radio: Detail As well as the internal memory you can also record directly on to an SD card and download tracks to your PC or MP3 player via the Bug's USB port. You can even play existing MP3s on the Bug. Oh yes, the Bug also has an alarm function that can wake you up to your favourite station. Feature packed? Just slightly!

    Granted, the Bug does look a little outlandish in an ET-meets-a-shower-attachment kinda way, but that's because it was designed by visionary fashion guru Wayne Hemingway. And any radio that's as revolutionary as the Bug deserves to look a bit individual. It doesn't look like a normal radio, because it isn't. So come on, don't just get digital, get Bugged!

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