Cool Mother's Day Gifts 2018

Bug Bingo

Two fat ladybirds!

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  • The greatest incarnation of Bingo ever conceived
  • Packed with 64 species of bug from all over the world
  • Includes the Cassava Mealybug, Sacred Scarab AND Orchid Bee
  • The perfect combination of playing and learning
  • Ridiculously fun – has to be played to be believed
There are 900,000 known species of insect in the world and only the very finest 64 have been chosen to feature in this superbly illustrated and stupidly fun game of Bug Bingo.

The Giant Jungle Nymph, Colorado Potato Beetles, Chan's Megastick – it's got them all. We'd recommend picking a handsome and charismatic announcer who can belt out such humdingers as: "He's the strongest bug in Ancient Greece, it's the Hercules Beetle!" "Roll it up and smoke it, it's the Tobacco Whitefly!" or "We've probably all got a couple, it's the Head Louse!"

Stop associating Bingo with crazy old ladies in bad television ads and start playing this sensational game.

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