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Bucket BBQ

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    Nothing beats the smell of a barbecue on a hot summer's day. Indeed the aroma of char-grilled burgers is right up there with freshly cut grass and sun tan lotion. The trouble is most barbecue grills are ungainly contraptions that take up half the garden, are about as portable as lead skips and as attractive as satellite dishes on stilts.

    That's why the ridiculously simple Bucket BBQ is set to revolutionise the way you sizzle your sausages al fresco. Standing 34cm high with a diameter of 30cm, the Bucket BBQ is supremely portable but its sturdy mesh grill is big enough for several quarter pounders and a good few bangers in-between.

    Bucket BBQ Ideal for impromptu gatherings in the back garden, the Bucket BBQ is so easy to use you'll wonder why you ever bothered with flash-Harry enormo-grills. Simply add charcoal and light. Just think, no more wire-brushing the rust off your behemoth barbecue or doing your back in lifting some ten-ton tripod thingy. And thanks to the Bucket BBQ's robust legs you won't leave a blackened blast zone on the ground like those disposable barbecues tend to.

    Fashion conscious flame-grillers will be pleased to hear that the Bucket BBQ is powder-coated in fetching shades of pink or blue, so hiding it under a hedge when the weather's not playing ball won't be necessary.

    With the Bucket BBQ you can spend more time scoffing and less time assembling, cleaning and preparing. Best of all you can take this fashionable little device wherever you fancy without hiring a fork-lift truck. With a price tag that's almost as appealing as a pile of sizzling sausages we can think of no good reason why you wouldn't want to order one right now. It's utterly grill-iant!

    Bucket BBQ

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