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  • Buckaroodolph


Moody mule that hates Yule

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    So here it is Merry Christmas, everybody's having fun. Or are they? Because despite the optimistic claims of Slade, tempers often fray during the season of goodwill. Especially if you're weighed down with yuletide baggage and dressed as a comedy reindeer. And that's exactly what the boffins behind Buckaroo have done to everyone's favourite moody mule. (No, we haven't been on the sweet sherry).

    Buckaroodolph Basically, Buckaroodolph is a festive version of Buckaroo, the classic spring-loaded balancing game that has enthralled and amused players for donkey's (or should that be mule's) years. With his daft antlers, false red nose and Christmas blanket, it's no wonder Buckaroodolph is mad. And that's before you've attempted to load a single Santa stocking or Christmas cracker alongside his regular Wild West accoutrements.

    Buckaroodolph Unless you've spent the past twenty years encased in a block of ice underneath Santa's polar grotto, you really should know how to play this game. If you don't, chuck another log on the fire and read on. Buckaroodolph involves loading various bits and bobs onto an extremely moody, spring-loaded mule. Put too much on his saddle or load something too quickly and he'll kick like, er, a mule, and send the entire load flying.

    Buckaroodolph Despite the seasonal slant, this reluctant reindeer is just as volatile as ever, and the simple but infuriatingly tense gameplay is brimming with one-more-go-factor, no matter how old you are. We've always associated this irresistible masterpiece with Crimbo, so it's about time the mule and the Yule got it together. Buckaroodolph is a scream at festive parties and family gatherings, and the Christmassy theme is guaranteed to generate laughs-a-plenty whenever you play. All together now: Buckaroodolph the red-nosed reindeer had a very sh...Boing!!!

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