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Bubblewrap Keychain
  • Bubblewrap Keychain

Bubblewrap Keychain

Push the button. And again... and again...

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    As seen on... BBC Breakfast When it comes to excruciatingly compelling guilty pleasures, popping bubblewrap is up there with watching Richard Madeley's impersonation of Ali G whilst listening to James Hewitt's duet with Rebecca Loos*.

    Bubblewrap Keychain

    Once you pop...

    Indeed, this squishy air-filled plastic is so incredibly unputdownable our good friends in the Far East have created a titchy electronic gizmo that simulates the look, feel and sound of popping bubblewrap. Aargh!

    Developed in conjunction with Japan's biggest bubblewrap manufacturer (Kawakami Industries), the Bubblewrap Keychain features eight rubbery 'bubble' buttons that activate a realistic popping sound when pressed. But here's the really good bit: every 100th pop is not a pop but a random sound: a boing, a bark, a rude noise, a yell, whatever. Of course this makes the whole lark hideously addictive, as you'll be frantically popping buttons in order to hear the next daft sound. Help!

    Bubblewrap Keychain

    Puchi Puchi - Japanese for "pop pop!"

    Bubblewrap Keychain

    Colours may vary

    Put the Bubblewrap Keychain on your keyring or dangle it from your mobile phone and you'll soon become totally obsessed. Here at Firebox we're hopelessly hooked. We even tried finding a Bubblewrap Keychain rehab centre but the accompanying numbthumb-itis caused by this devilish device meant we couldn't dial the helpline.

    Bubblewrap Keychain
    Yes, you could travel to work carrying a big roll of genuine bubblewrap, but you might look a bit daft, nay unhinged, fiddling with it on the 8.15 to Victoria. However, equipped with a Bubblewrap Keychain you can keep popping to your heart's content and fellow commuters will be none the wiser (until they hear a cat meowing or someone blowing a raspberry in your pocket).
    Bubblewrap Keychain

    Try me! - click to pop
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    This really is one of the most addictively gratifying, strangely cathartic gadgets we've ever had the pleasure to play with, and we've played with loads. So get ordering and let the madness begin. Pop...pop...pop...pop, pop...pop...Aargh!!!!!

    *Get Googling if you don't believe us!

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