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  • Bubblescope


Bubble, bubble

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    Bubblescope lens

    Pop-up the 360° lens

    Sometimes feel like you’re living in a bubble? Well now you can show everybody what it looks like from where you’re standing, with the revolutionary BubbleScope.

    The BubbleScope is a 360º lens attachment for your iPhone, capable of shooting stills and videos (which the makers call ‘bubbles’). Simply attach the included case, pop-up the lens from its protective cap and fire up the free BubblePix App. You’ll be bubbling away in no time.


    Create great panoramic shots without the faff



    Free Bubblepix app

    The camera operates like a handheld version of the Google Maps car; but once you call ‘cut!’ you can go straight to editing your masterpiece and even upload it from your phone. Plus, because you’re shooting 360º simultaneously, you can be panning live in one direction; while the recorded footage is panning in the other direction… we’re through the looking glass here, people.

    The only true 360º panoramic attachment offering both still images AND video from your iPhone, the BubbleScope lets you instantly capture your surroundings from a whole new perspective.

    Preview requires Flash, not available on iphone

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