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Blow-up booster seat

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    Kid and teddy on Bubble Bums!

    Boost that seat!

    According to UK law, any child under 12 years old (or 135cm) must travel on a booster seat in a car to prevent serious injury in an accident. Makes sense. But how can you make sure your child always has a booster seat handy, every time they take a trip? Stitch one into the seat of their trousers, of course. It’s the perfect solution!

    Oh alright, it’s not the perfect solution. Yes, they would probably look like a baboon. So while we have a bit of a rethink, why not check out the Bubble Bum.

    This ingenious – and United Nations ECE Regulation approved – booster cushion is actually inflatable. So it’s extremely comfortable to sit on; and can be deflated and packed flat in your children’s backpacks after use. Although it’s made from tough material, it’s extremely light; so they’ll have no trouble carrying it around all day. And it makes an excellent cushion for picnics in the park and tactical naps.

    Carry bag

    Carry bag

    In fact, it’s so forehead-slappingly simple we don’t know why no one thought of it before. Or, indeed, why anyone would come up with baboon trousers and think they’d nailed it. We’ll go and lie down now.

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