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    Bubba Keg

    Keep it cool!

    Unless you're one of those real ale-supping beardy-types, you probably enjoy drinking your beer when it's nice and cold. And that's where the mighty Bubba Keg can help.

    Already an American institution, this big ol' travel mug is ideal for roving beer drinkers as it keeps drinks cold for up to 12 hours. Think of it as a flask for cool people. It also keeps drinks hot for 3 hours, but we won't dwell on that because even cold shandy is more exciting than hot stuff like soup, tea and coffee. Then again, mulled wine's not bad...

    Each high quality Bubba Keg features Bubba FAT™ dual-wall insulation for long-lasting icy coldness. This means drinks stay cold wherever you may roam, be it the beach, the park or the back garden. There's also an idiot-proof flip-top lid to prevent spills, and an easy-grip handle with a built-in bottle opener (52oz version) to prevent visits to the dentist. They really have thought of everything. The only thing not included is the beer. Drat!

    We're currently selling this mucho-macho vessel in two sizes: big and bigger. Okay, 52oz and 72oz. And if that means nothing to you, allow us to put it in boozing terms. The big one holds well over 2 pints; the huge one holds just under four. 'Urp!

    Armed with a Bubba Keg you can enjoy cold beer, squash and even - dare we say it? - elderflower cordial at all manner of outdoor shindigs, from festivals and parties to sporting events and picnics. Pricey trips to the bar? Not likely!

    Best of all, the Bubba Keg's stein-like styling is so striking it will even deflect attention away from your lederhosen next time you're thigh-slapping your way through a traditional oompah song. Mmm...ice cold beer!

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