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Bruce Lee Playing Cards

Kung Fu Shuffle

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  • Classic quotes from the legend himself on each playing card
  • The aces have been left blank to symbolise a pure mind
  • Created by distinguished magicians and playing card makers Dan & Dave
  • Officially licensed by Bruce Lee Enterprises
  • Iconic yellow & black 'Game of Death' tracksuit colour scheme
Bruce Lee. World-renowned martial artist, actor, film-maker, philosopher; master of the one inch punch, the two finger push-up and possibly the only mortal to have defeated Chuck Norris. And now his words of wisdom adorn this beautiful set of playing cards.

Sporting the iconic yellow and black 'Game of Death' tracksuit colour scheme, this minimalist deck features a different quote from the legend himself on each card. Immerse yourself in the sage teachings of 'Jeet Kune Do' as well as many of Lee's classic movie lines.

"Be water, my friend"

"Not being tense but ready; not thinking yet not dreaming; not being set but flexible – ready for whatever may come."

"We do not live for; we simply live"

The Aces, traditionally the most elaborate cards in the deck, have been left completely blank so that you can engage in some deep self-reflection. As Bruce would say "the possession of anything begins in the mind" ...and with a set of these limited edition playing cards.

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