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Brown Paper Lunch Bag
  • Brown Paper Lunch Bag
  • Brown Paper Lunch Bag
  • Brown Paper Lunch Bag

Brown Paper Lunch Bag

Can I get that to go?

Product not available at the moment.
  • Looks the spitting image of a regular brown paper bag
  • Made from Tyvek, seals up tightly with a magnetic seal strip
  • Tough and tear-proof, leak resistant and insulating
  • Get that on-the-go look without a bag that splits everywhere


Across the Atlantic they have their packed lunches and groceries in paper bags. What a criminal waste of trees. And what a terrible idea in general. Paper bags? Heavy food products? Sha-mone.

Despite the fact that they don't keep your food cold; don't seal properly, mercilessly disintegrate in the rain and tear apart at a moments notice, there is something very satisfying about their simplicity. Which is why the Brown Paper Lunch Bag has been invented.

Made from Tyvek material it looks and feels just like a regular brown paper bag. You can even write your name on it. But this rugged material is tear-proof, leak resistant, tough and insulating. It even has a magnetic strip at the top for sealing it tight. So now you can carry your lunch, US style, with all the convenience of a plastic tub.

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