Brodmann Blades Table Tennis Set
  • Brodmann Blades Table Tennis Set

Brodmann Blades Table Tennis Set

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    Everything in a smart carry case

    Ever since a line of books was replaced by a proper net; and cigar boxes were ditched in favour of wooden paddles; table tennis hasn’t seen much in the way of change. Sure there’s been a little resizing and the odd tweak to the rules; but by and large it’s the same game of ‘wiff-waff’ the British upper-classes invented over a hundred years ago.

    Now, some might say you can’t improve on perfection. Which of course is true. But table tennis is by no means perfect. For example, who is the most famous table tennis player that you can think of? If the answer is Forrest Gump, there’s your proof. It seems this classic game could use a little attention.

    step 1

    Slip on the sweat/knuckle band

    step 2

    Slide the Brodmann Blade on

    step 3

    Get ready to defeat your opponent

    Step forward Alfred Brodmann. In a bid to rescue table tennis from its dingy youth club funk and give the sport a well-designed paddle to the backside, he has created the Brodmann Blades Table Tennis Set. Replacing the traditional wooden paddle, the Brodman Blade slides over your entire hand like a rigid mitt. Not only is it more comfortable than a standard paddle (and less likely to fly out of your hand), it also gives you far greater sensory feedback from the ball. Feel with your fingertips exactly where the ball is striking the blade. This clever redesign intuitively improves your ball control and coordination.

    Grudge match animation

    With the advantage of improved ball control rallies could go on forever...

    Don’t believe us? Brodmann Blades have already received some very encouraging noises from the International Table Tennis Federation, but have a try yourself! With minimised vibrations and a larger ‘sweet spot’ it’s got plenty to set it apart from regular ping pong paddles. And in case you’re worried about getting an unfair advantage over your friends, the Brodmann Blades Table Tennis Set comes with 2 Blades, 4 balls and a handy carry case.

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