Brisbane Tabletop BBQ
  • Brisbane Tabletop BBQ

Brisbane Tabletop BBQ

Don’t just stand there

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    lid on

    Take it to the park with you – just fill it with charcoal and put on the lid

    Never mind standing around the barbecue, why not sit around it instead? The Brisbane Tabletop BBQ lets you cook right at the dinner table or load it with charcoal and carry it to your desired location. Thanks to the clever tapering design, it will sit on any surface without damaging it.


    A great centrepiece for any garden

    With the Brisbane sitting on your table, you’ll be surprised at how it changes your barbecue experience. Cook food to order, not all at once. Then serve it sizzling onto your guests’ plates – rather than from the slowly cooling meat mountain that is the “done” pile. Or for a real laugh, arm everyone around the table with tongs and let them cook their own food!

    And once everyone has eaten their fill, and they’re sure they can’t eat any more. That’s when you whip out the marshmallows...

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