Bright Night Umbrella
  • Bright Night Umbrella

Bright Night Umbrella

Stay dry and bright even at night!

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    Considering the amount of rain that falls in the UK, it's rather surprising that Brits didn't really start using umbrellas until the late 18th century. Prior to that, these handheld collapsible canopies were strictly for wimps and promenading ladies who hated the sun. These days, the humble brolly is a necessity, and during the rainy season (i.e. all year) most people don't leave home without one.

    All of which begs the question: if they're so useful, why don't Firebox sell 'em? Well, as you know, we only sell products with a unique twist and, up until now, we haven't seen an umbrella that does anything other than keep you dry. Thankfully, all that's about to change because the innovative Bright Night Umbrella represents an illuminating new twist on the humble brolly.

    As well as looking pretty funky this state-of-the-art rain avoidance system is fitted with a small but powerful waterproof bulb that bathes the holder in light. So now you can make an ultramodern style-statement even at night. Like all the best ideas, the concept of putting a light in a brolly is annoyingly simple - we can't believe it's not been done before. Because as well as keeping you dry, the Bright Night also lights up your way home, providing extra safety and visibility on rainy days and gloomy nights.

    Designs available...

    Ripple Effect Water Beads Slow Flow Cloud Burst

    Ripple Effect

    Water Beads

    Slow Flow

    Cloud Burst

    But let's be honest, this brilliant brolly's real appeal lies in the fact that it's a spectacularly fashionable head-turner. Not only does the 6V Krypton bulb illuminate the fabulously funky polycarbonate canopy (which has been successfully tested in 40mph gusts) it also lights up the entire area beneath, right down to your wellies. In fact, the last time we saw anything resembling the Bright Night was in Blade Runner!

    Each design looks amazing as it is, but switch it on (via the handy button in the grip) bathe it in light and we're talking major fashion accessory. In fact, we think the Bright Night Umbrella is the best thing to hit our dull, rain-swept streets for years. Brolly good show!

    The Bright Night Umbrella is also the proud recipient of a Good Design award from The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.

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