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Brick Brites
  • Brick Brites

Brick Brites

Not just another brick in the wall

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    Breathe fire into your Dragon

    Star Wars

    Create a precious bounty


    Light up your emergency services

    flashing animation

    Motion sensitive flashing LEDs

    There's not much to say about the Brick Brites that the pictures don't already say: They're motion activated brick lights (tap them and they flash for about 12 seconds) you can use to make the world a cooler place.

    Therefore we decided to write you a poem instead.

    An Ode to the Brick Brite by F. Irebox

    Beautiful Brick Brite, how I love your blocky body
    You have holes in your bottom, but your top is knobby

    Available in clear red, green and blue
    You’re even (more or less) waterproof too


    Looks great on the Millennium Falcon

    With your bright flashing lights you’re a real game changer
    Kids shouldn’t eat you, there’s a slight choking danger

    How I love that you work with all major brick brands
    I simply cannot wait to have you in my hands

    Press you together, until I hear a click
    Throw you at my brother when he’s being annoying

    Thankyou Brick Brites.

    Choose from three colours:
    colour - red


    colour - blue


    colour - green


    More detail and specification