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Brewsees Eyewear

Beer goggles

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    how to use

    Open your brew with your sunnies

    If it’s a nice day out, what do you normally grab before you leave the house? If you’re anything like us it’s probably: keys, wallet/purse/handbag, mobile phone, change for an ice cream and of course, sunglasses. Indeed, the sun shines so rarely on our tiny island, it’s a wonder our eyes don’t explode with delight when it finally comes out. So it’s no wonder we pasty Brits are partial to a pair of sunnies. Well, we’ve found a pair that leaves all of them in the shade. Not literally – they’d be massive. But Brewsees Eyewear are the very definition of handy headgear.

    Why? Because the arms of these polycarbonate sunglasses can be used as bottle openers! Perfect when you’re miles away from your kitchen drawer, the arms are reinforced with aircraft grade aluminium to make them strong but incredibly light. Lever open your bottles of pop or chilled brewskis and pop them back on your noggin again. After such a dazzling display your friends and family will be squinting in delight.

    Scale/bottle holder

    Deal with it!

    Speaking of which, the lenses of Brewsees Eyewear are polarised, offering 100% protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. So they’re just as handy when the sun’s bouncing off the snow as they are when it’s bouncing off the warm waters of the Mediterranean.

    And to show they’ve thought of everything, the makers of these excellent specs even throw in a carry case that doubles as a bottle holder. So even your beer can enjoy a little shade.

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