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    Pump it up!

    Home brewing used to involve growing a Brian Blessed beard, donning sandals and fiddling around with some burping, nutty professor-style contraption in the airing cupboard for months on end. And even if the fermentation process went to plan you invariably ended up with a vat of cloudy booze that tasted like underpants infused with weed killer. But all that is history thanks to the staggeringly simple BrewZer.

    This revolutionary micro-brewery system makes home brewing a doddle. Set up takes about 10 minutes - no degree in chemistry required - and the beer it produces is lip-smackingly quaffable.


    Get pouring

    Simply mix the 100% natural ingredients (included) with cold tap water and in 21 days you'll have ten pints of crisp pilsner lager or full-flavoured traditional bitter. And once you've brewed your first batch you can order further packs of Miracle Beer Powder and use your BrewZer again and again. 'Urp!


    Here's one we made earlier

    We're not entirely sure how the BrewZer works its magic (it's difficult to tell when you're five pints up) but we're told it's a pressure controlled brewing vessel. Apparently, once the ingredients and water are mixed, the pressure causes fermentation. This also helps to clarify the beer, forcing the yeast out of suspension. Whatever. The point is you can make your own loudmouth soup for peanuts. And that's (probably) one of the greatest feelings in the world.


    Brewing kit

    Because every hassle-free batch of booze is so supremely drinkable, you'll be an almighty hit at parties and barbecues. Turning up with several pints of quality homemade wallop beats bringing a bottle of bubbly every time. And when that hot blonde corners you in the kitchen and compliments your brewing skills you can tell her it's all thanks to the BrewZer and your good friends at Firebox. See, we're not as think as you drunk we are.

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