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Breville Radio Toaster
  • Breville Radio Toaster

Breville Radio Toaster

One slice or Radio 2?

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    retro looks with a fancy new radio

    Tune into the breakfast show while you make your breakfast!

    Not a day goes by here at Firebox HQ when we’re not testing out another exciting new sound system. But while many of them knock our socks off, we’re always left with one last lingering question... does it make toast?

    Well, we’re pleased to tell you that with the Breville Radio Toaster that answer is now “yes”. Yes this radio makes toast. Or this toaster is a radio. Either way, we’re kicking out the jams.

    With all the functions of an FM/AM radio combined with two wide slots and the variable browning functions of a world-class toaster, the future has well and truly arrived. Ah, now if only it made tea as well...

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