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Breezy Bed

Trapped Wind

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Sh*t Hot right now
  • This summer's must-have outdoor accessory
  • Dead easy to inflate – no pump or powerful lungs required
  • Just swoosh it in to the air a couple of times to fill it with air
  • Folds down super small into a handy carry case
  • Weighs next to nothing – just 1.2kg!
  • Perfect for festivals, beaches, picnics or chilling in the garden


Enjoying the great outdoors in comfort tends to come at a price, inflatable beds are just a massive hassle. 15 minutes spent vigorously pumping away or destroying your poor lungs, and then it takes even longer trying to deflate the damned thing!

Meet the Breezy Bed, aptly named because it's an absolute breeeeeze to inflate.

Remove it from the handy carry case; open up the bed, drag it towards the wind a couple of times to fill it with air, then roll the end over and seal it with the built-in clips – simple. Deflating is equally as effortless, just release the clips and all the air is quickly expelled so you can start packing the bed up.

Made from waterproof and rip-resistant fabric, the Breezy Bed weighs just 1.2kg and is destined to dominate every inch of open space at music festivals, beaches, campsites, parks and back gardens this summer. It can even be used as a pool float!

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  • "Hilarious. Never laughed so much. Brilliant bed also. I recommend a hairdryer when the wind is low. Every house needs one."
    Samantha - 23rd of June, 2016