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Breathometer - The Smart Breathalyser

Drink Smart

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  • Transform your smartphone into a breathalyser in seconds
  • Plugs straight into the headphone jack of your smartphone
  • Fits easily in your pocket, purse or on your keychain
  • Enhance your ability to drink responsibly
  • Colourful graphics show you when sobriety will be attained
Most of us enjoy a bit of good old fashioned responsible boozing, but we seldom know just how delightfully inebriated we really are. Whether you're feeling supremely confident and hilarious or squinting through one eye and slurring adorably, the Breathometer is here to put things back in perspective so that you can make smarter decisions when you're drinking.

Simply plug the device into the headphone jack of your smartphone and launch the app. No mouthpiece needed, just blow your fragrant boozy fumes into the blue illuminated opening on the Breathometer and instantly see your blood alcohol content on your phone. The colourful graphic results even show you what time that blissful sobriety will be attained.

It's quick, easy, accurate and sterile so you can easily share it with your friends. This handy device also fits easily into your pocket, purse or on your keychain so it's always there when you need it most. Sadly it won't stop you from leaving those futile drunken ramblings on your ex's answer-phone. Yet.

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