Breathable Wine Glasses
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Breathable Wine Glasses

Decanter? What decanter?

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    Two Breathable Wine Glasses

    Aerates your wine
    30 times quicker!

    Wine is wonderful, but sitting around waiting for it to breathe can be a right pain in the pinots. And that’s why you need Breathable Wine Glasses. These revolutionary crystal glasses aerate wine 30 times faster than regular glasses, so you can enjoy your vino almost immediately. No decanters, feather-spitting small talk or olive fiddling required.

    Simply pour your wine into a Breathable Wine Glass and in just two to four minutes it will show the same signs of aeration as wine that has been decanted for one to two hours. Amazing! But how does it work? Well apparently each lead-free crystal glass undergoes an innovative oxygenising treatment that…look, it’s all very scientific and yawn-worthy but by Bacchus, it works.


    It's crystal clear

    If any of you plonk-slugging heathens out there are wondering why wine needs to breathe at all, allow us to explain (they said whilst googling the answer). Aerating wine, particularly tannic red varieties, releases all those lovely aromas, improving overall flavour and palate impression. Or something like that.

    It’s not enough to simply open the bottle; you have to create a sufficiently large surface area for the wine and air to react across. And that’s where decanters usually come in. But not any more.

    Just think, thanks to these elegant glasses you won’t have to faff around with gargantuan glassware every time you fancy a splash of perfectly aerated vino. Just pour, wait a few minutes and enjoy. Mmm, such voluptuous density!

    Perfect for insufferable wine bores, impatient plonk fans and decanter-less dinner party hosts, Breathable Wine Glasses will not lose their effectiveness when washed. Simply clean them as you would other crystal glassware – ie: carefully. Now’s the part where we usually tell you to hurry up and hit the Buy button, but seeing as you’re clearly an impatient type, we’ll assume you already have. Salut!

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