Breath Palette Toothpaste Kit

    Breath Palette Toothpaste Kit

    A kick in the teeth for boring toothpaste

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      Brushing your teeth can be a right chore, especially as most toothpaste tastes of mint. Yes, you can buy bubblegum flavour, but that's aimed at kids. And you'd look pretty daft adorning your oh-so-sleek bathroom with a tube of Tweetie Pie toothpaste.

      Flavoured Toothpaste

      Mmm... Chocolate

      That's why we love Breath Palette Toothpaste Kits. Stylishly presented, each one of these ultra-smart packs contains five daringly different flavours. And when we say different, we really mean it.

      Flavoured Toothpaste
      For instance, the Sweet Tooth kit comprises flavours such as caramel and vanilla. And if that doesn't tickle your taste buds how about East Meets West, containing taste sensations such as curry and Darjeeling tea. No, really! Fruit fans will love the Smoothie kit as it's filled with zingy flavours such as kiwi and monkey banana. And for all you chilled-out brushers there's Zen Palette, a kit containing, amongst other things, honey and cola.

      Flavoured Toothpaste
      If you're reading this and wondering why you'd want to spend all day with biryani breath, allow us to explain. Regardless of your chosen flavour, Breath Palette toothpaste leaves your mouth clean and fresh. This is because your sense of smell is responsible for about 80% of what you taste, so you experience the fancy flavour for a few fleeting moments before a light, menthol finish kicks in.

      As well as adding flavour to your daily brushing routine, sugar-free Breath Palette toothpaste helps keep teeth in tip-top condition via its numerous hi-tech ingredients - good news for anyone who thinks deviating from their regular brand will leave them with teeth like a row of bombed houses.

      Indeed, once you start brushing with this flavoursome gloop you'll wonder what you ever saw in boring old mint. Mmm...pumpkin pudding!

      Sweet Tooth:
      • Vanilla
      • Bitter Chocolate
      • Caramel
      • L'Espresso
      • Pumpkin Pudding
      • Freshness Yogurt
      • Monkey Banana
      • Kiwi Fruit
      • Strawberry
      • Blueberry
      Zen Palette:
      • Lemon Tea
      • Cola
      • Rose
      • Lavender
      • Honey
      East Meets West:
      • Darjeeling Tea
      • Curry
      • Cinnamon
      • Tropical Pineapple
      • Green Tea

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