Brandon Bird's Astonishing World of Art

Where to draw the line

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  • Step into the gloriously oddball world of Brandon Bird
  • Your creativity’s going to have a field day
  • 80 pages of pop culture-themed illustrations and activities
  • Reclaim colouring, stickering & connect-the-dots from the tiddley tots
  • It's also mighty hilarious
Come on adults, put down your phones and pick up a darn colouring book, would you?

We really dig LA artist Brandon Bird. Like, lots and lots and lots. You probably do too. So we’re all pretty excited that now his witty pop culture-themed illustrations have well and truly come to life in his joyous project ‘Brandon Bird's Astonishing World of Art’.

This uber spectacular art book is packing 80 pages of glorious cut-outs, activities, pull-out postcards, stick sheets, snippets of paintings, bizarre creations, curious colouring tasks as well as copious amounts of humour.

Whether you’re drawing Henry Rollins a new tatt’, jazzing up Nicolas Cage’s barnet or turning your favourite action heroes into memes - you’re going to have fun. Loads of it.

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  • "Excellent items which are a great help in my efforts to try to learn to draw a bit."
    Christopher - 10th of June, 2015