Brain Specimen Coasters
  • Brain Specimen Coasters
  • Brain Specimen Coasters
  • Brain Specimen Coasters

Brain Specimen Coasters

Stack your brain

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  • These cerebral coasters are a no-brainer
  • When stacked in order they'll reveal a real 3D brain
  • It doesn't require too much thought - each coaster is numbered
  • Really give guests a piece of your mind
  • Featuring rubber feet eradicating pesky slipping/surface damage


At this precise moment, deep in the spongy depths of your cerebral cortex, it's all kicking off as billions of neurons bust their asses just so that you can read this. So enjoy.

Each set features 10 glass Brain Specimen Coasters equipped with rubber feet (keeping your beverage scoffing slip and scratch free) and have a charming slice of brain printed on them.

When stacked in the correct order they reveal an alarmingly realistic 3D organ. Each coaster is numbered - so there's no need to worry about any stacking mishaps.

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11 Reviews

Average 4.5/5 stars
  • "Really great quality product, I brought it as a gift for my sister who is going to university this year to study neurology. "
    Josh - 28th of April, 2017
  • "Exactly as pictured. I kinda hate using them as it spoils the 3D brain effect you can achieve when they are stacked. "
    Amy - 20th of April, 2017
  • "Wow. They look so much cooler in real life! The photos don't quite do them justice. I bought these as a gift but now I want a set! "
    Sophie - 1st of February, 2017
  • "Gave this to a friend in neurology, he absolutely love it and they sit proudly on his work desk."
    Lucy - 22nd of December, 2016
  • "Gift for dad who is a brain doctor. He knows his stuff and can now give people a piece of his mind."
    Greg - 3rd of July, 2016