Braille T-Shirt - 25% off!

    Braille T-Shirt - 25% off!

    A cool design with a hidden meaning

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      A rather sinister twist for the visually impaired. Not only does the t-shirt sport a cool row of raised random dots as its design, its hidden Braille meaning offers its owner plenty of extra kudos. Encourage whoever you wish to trace their fingers across the dimpled design adorning your chest, and you can teach them your special secret message.

      Braille design close-up
      "I Can See You"

      The true translation of the Braille is the slightly ominous 'I Can See You'. Does it mean you are an all seeing eye? You can see people and things for what they really are? You're not a blind man in this world. Who knows? Its up to you. You can tell people it means anything you fancy, because the design still looks so good!

      Frenchman Louis Braille was blinded in a tragic awl-accident while emulating his dad (a harness-maker) at the age of three. He started working on his system aged 12 and had perfected it by the age of 15! Overachiever.

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