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Brachs Candy Corn
  • Brachs Candy Corn

Brachs Candy Corn

Sweet niblets!

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    sweets in bowl

    Three-piece sweets

    Looking like freshly-harvested corn kernels – only three times larger and more colourful – Brachs Candy Corn is America’s best kept secret. Apart from that whole Roswell thing (but we won’t go into that). Finally available in the UK, these delicious three-piece sweets have been a mainstay of American childhoods for decades. Just give them a try and you’ll see why!

    Soft and slightly chewy with a mild honey flavour, these delicious nuggets can be enjoyed by everyone. Serve them up at parties, hand them out as Halloween treats, or scoff them while you watch the telly. You can even mix them with peanuts for a sweet and salty treat. They’ve been happily fuelling the American Dream since the 1880’s; it’s time we got a few pieces of the action.
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