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Boxee Box by D-Link
  • Boxee Box by D-Link

Boxee Box by D-Link

The ultimate media player

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    The Boxee Box by D-Link (or to use its full title, the D-Link Boxee Box DSM-380 Wireless HD Media Player) is the perfect way to bundle all of your entertainment sources into one place. Using free open-source software this nifty little box will seamlessly integrate content from the internet or your home computer’s hard drive with your TV. Play back all of your favourite Youtube clips, or browse through your stored photos or home movies from the comfort of your couch!

    The Boxee Box set up in a lounge

    The very sleek Boxee Box

    It even delivers a generous dollop of social content by letting you share what you’re watching with friends on D-Link Boxee, Twitter and Facebook. What’s more, through the Boxee you’ll be granted unfettered access to an enormous continually-updated online library, featuring amongst other things: university courses, panel discussions, academic lectures, presentations, web-only videos,, Kid Mango, Next New Networks and more. If this isn’t enough to keep you occupied, you can also add your own entertainment links with simple RSS or XML feeds. Users can also access great music sites like, shoutcast, and We are Hunted to keep absolutely up to date with the latest warblings.

    Diagram showing Boxee Box connected to a computer the internet and the TV
    Showing the interfaces for music, movie and files

    Stream your music, movies and much more to your TV

    Watching clips of people falling into fountains is one thing, but what about proper TV shows? With access to the likes of Acetrax, Mediafly, BBC iPlayer and 4OD you'll be able to catch up or stream your favourite TV content whenever it suits you. Play, pause, fast forward or rewind whatever you're watching to make the very most of your free time (and skip the annoying ads).

    Connections on the back

    1) Ethernet, 2) USB ports, 3) HDMI out, 4) Optical out, 5) Audio (L/R) out, 6) Power

    Is it snowing where your eyebrows are? Well in case they’ve not been raised high enough already, we haven’t mentioned the Boxee’s cool styling. This incredibly tasty technical marvel looks like it’s even learned how to defy physics, as its back corner disappears into the table. This is by far the funkiest multifunction home entertainment box we have ever seen.

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