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Box Appetit
  • Box Appetit

Box Appetit

For the perfect packed lunch

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    Small enough to take anywhere

    Drop those old takeaway tubs, and step away from the cling film – the Box Appetit is the stylish way to store your packed lunch. Whether it’s last night’s lasagne, homemade sandwiches, salad, or sushi, this designer lunchbox will keep them fresh and looking great. The set even includes a fork and an extra sauce pot, which is great for storing salad dressing, soup or salsa.

    Available in three colours:

    White and Green

    White and Orange

    Black and Red

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    Don't forget to order your Box Apetit Bag. It folds out to make a place mat!

    Although the Box Appetit is made from BPA-free plastic, the base has a porcelainy feel and the crystal clear lid looks like glass – even down to the circular ripple on the surface. Although this might look like a purely decorative feature, if you flip the lid upside down you’ll find it makes a handy well for your dipping sauce while you’re munching on your lunch. Nacho, anyone?

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