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It's munchy archery

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    The Bow: just add the mini-marshmallows!

    We've all stood in sports arenas and admired the groundbreaking genius of hot-dog shooting bazookas, those cunning weapons that cascade snacks throughout a stadium with ease. Now you can get the same technology at home with this crafty little bow that uses the same principle to fire mini-marshmallows at your prey!

    That's right it's the same principle as those giant bazookas. Air pressure, to be exact. When you pull back the bowstring on this 34" tall weapon and let it go, you create such a rush of pressure inside a firing chamber that the marshmallow inside pops out at speed and can travel up to 30 foot towards any unsuspecting snackers.

    William Tell used one to take apples off his son's quivering scalp. Robin Hood used his to take from the rich and give to the poor. Stallone used one to take out a battalion of Soviets In Rambo 3. Why not continue the fine tradition of bowmanship with a little candy crusade of your own?


    Assemble it yourself!

    Historically, the bow has been a force for mighty military dominance. In fact the English beat the French down over hundreds of years thanks to their cunning use of the bow. It might have been a very different story if they were just shooting delicious, soft mini mallows though: either peace for all mankind or a crazed candy free-for-all.

    Loading up:


    Fill the tube with mini-marshmallows...

    Insert the tube to
    the bow grip...

    then pull back to fire!


    Loaded up ready for action!

    You won't be caught napping with one of these at hand each bow takes a magazine of 25 mini marshmallows, giving you the rapid sugary firepower of a latter-day Al Capone. When you've shot your last nugget of goodness, just take the clip out and load up another straight away for constant mallow superiority!


    Shoot over 30 feet!

    It's completely dishwasher safe, so when you've done with your mallow massacre you can chuck the whole lot in for a wash so it's sparkling clean next time. Believe us, it makes the whole experience much tastier when you're not clutching a sticky bow that you left out last time



    1. Bow grip, 2. Plunger, 3. Mini-marshmallow tube/magazine, 4. Bow limbs

    So don't fret about your foes get even with a bow that nobody minds being shot with. If William Tell had one of these, his son would have been standing against the tree with his mouth wide open. Armed with a Bow'n'Mallow Robin Hood would have overcome the Sheriff of Nottingham in record time, just as long as the dastardly Sheriff was partial to a sugary snack or three.

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