Bowler Hat Colander
  • Bowler Hat Colander
  • Bowler Hat Colander

Bowler Hat Colander

Bowled over

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  • Bowl your dinner guests over with this hilarious colander
  • They’ll feel drained of energy after laughing so hard
  • One size fits all. Don’t uninvite Pete because of his weird head size
  • Wear it on your noggin or to give your veg a floggin’


It’s time to up your culinary etiquette and add a dash of class to your utensil collection.

The notorious bowler hat trend was first started by fashion icon Fred, a flour gardener for Homepride. Other lesser knowns were quick to catch on, Kate Moss, the entire business district of London, a Superman villain and some bloke called Charlie Chaplin - who apparently made very very quiet films.

This so-called ‘silent film era’ was one of arresting beauty. Now you can add a little bit of that glamour to your veg preparation. Get your besties over for a night of entertainment. Drain a few peas then impress with a few hat tricks. If you’re looking to really wow, prepare some title cards and only communicate through mime and muted gestures. Come dine with me gold.

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