Bottom Sniffer Dog Beer
  • Bottom Sniffer Dog Beer

Bottom Sniffer Dog Beer

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  • Bottoms up, noses down
  • Non-alcoholic and non-carbonated beer for canines
  • A 96% palatability approval rate from the fussiest doggies
  • Not to be confused with Brewdog
  • 'We can't go for a walk until you finish your beer'


A man's best friend? A dog you say? Afraid you're barking up the wrong tree – a man's best friend is beer. The improved confidence, the lowered inhibitions, it makes you funnier AND more attractive. We've cruelly deprived our canine companions of this wondrous beverage... until now.

Bottom Sniffer Dog Beer is a beer for your dog and it's destined to make their lives better; raising their status in the pack and drastically improving their chances with the opposite sex. The brew contains Dandelion & Burdock along with an array of other herbs to endow your pooch with a delectably-scented sphincter. All the other dogs will either be chasing after that arse or wishing that they possessed such a fragrant rump.

You see, Dogs noses, as well as being all wet and squidgy, are highly sensitive – so when they sniff another dog's butt they're able detect their emotional status, gender and diet. Bottom Sniffer Dog Beer might just be the elixir of dutch courage they need. Just to be clear – it's non-alcoholic, however just like human beer, Bottom Sniffer Dog Beer is a treat, a TREAT. So we recommend 1 a day for good measure.

Bottoms up, noses down and let the doggies get talking.
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