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Bottle Lock

    Bottle Lock

    Keep thirsty thieves at bay

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      Although decency dictates that we should share and share alike, it’s often easier said then done. Especially when you live with a light-fingered dipsomaniac who can’t stop pilfering plonk every time your back’s turned. Thankfully, you can now put a stop to rosé robbery and Lambrusco larceny via the sleek and ingenious Bottle Lock. Like all of the greatest inventions, Bottle Lock is incredibly simple and possesses that elusive ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ factor in spades.

      Bottle LockFeaturing a simple to set (but practically impossible to crack) three number combination, Bottle Lock is a robust, beautifully engineered drinking accessory. Guaranteed to infuriate would be booze bandits, Bottle Lock also acts as an effective stopper - once set, you simply twist the top part of the lock which then expands the rubber stopper to provide an airtight seal.

      Bottle LockThis stylish addition to the drinks cabinet is guaranteed to keep all but the most desperate of drinkers at bay, and, at less than the cost of a decent bottle of vino, is destined to become a must-have item for alcohol aficionados everywhere. NB: Failure to remember the correct combination can result in temporary hyperventilation followed by an uncontrollable urge to sprint to the nearest off licence.

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