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Bottle Cap Tripod
  • Bottle Cap Tripod

Bottle Cap Tripod

Snaps without the shakes

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    Picnic piccy

    Photos don’t improve when you’ve either chopped everyone’s heads off or rendered them so fuzzy that it looks like they’re drowning in a vat of lemonade, do they? So why do you carry on being a slave to bad snaps? If you don’t know the answer, then we do: it’s as simple as popping a cap on a bottle.


    Access all angles

    The Bottle Cap Tripod is a genius device to make your photos as clear and crisp as they possibly can be by stabilising your camera. And you don’t need expensive bits of kit or a hand as steady as an SAS man under fire either – just a standard screw-top bottle.

    This pocket-sized gizmo pops on top of the bottle cap, gripping the plastic firmly, then screws into the tripod hole that you’ll find on 99% of cameras. Presto – you’re ready to shoot some amazing pics with all the clarity of a Rankin or a Snowdon. The Lord, that is, not the Welsh mountain.


    Pop on the lid, then screw it!

    The reasons you’ll need this are simple – you’ll be able to take shake-free photos in a trice. Loads of cameras have timers that you can use, but this means that – apart from having to arrange your mates in a row like a school assembly – you can put the camera wherever you want without having to stress about finding a stable surface with just the right angle. The tripod pivots round 360 degrees, and tilts 15 degrees too, so once you’ve landed your bottle down somewhere you can tweak away until you find just the right frame.

    Like a tiger, it works even better in the dark. When you have to take photos at night your camera will want to take a longer exposure time to soak in whatever light it can get. If you try taking the snap by hand, your smallest movement will render the results a blurry mess – even if you’ve not drunk a drop, your visual memories of the evening will suggest otherwise!

    So stabilise your snaps with one of these and you’ll be able to perform crystal-clear recall of the best moments – even if you’re three sheets to the wind.

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