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Bottle Buddy
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Bottle Buddy

You just can't get the staff

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    "Allow me sir..."

    Apart from Paul Burrell and Geoffrey off the Fresh Prince, butlers aren't half as funny as they used to be. And we should know, because the last bloke to work at Firebox Manor didn't even have the decency to make cheesy Ealing Comedy-style witticisms when pouring our wine.

    Thankfully Bottle Buddy does, and that's why we think wine aficionados will adore this cheeky chappie. A truly upper-crust drinking companion, Bottle Buddy is an ingenious electronic fellow who grabs your bottle by the neck and comes out with increasingly droll one-liners as the vino flows.
    Listen to the phrases by clicking on the links below:


    Attaches easily

    Electronic jiggery-pokery inside Bottle Buddy gauges how far gone you are by the tipping angle of the bottle. And clever internal sensors let Bottle Buddy know when you've poured one or two glasses, so he'll have a quality quip to match any drinking scenario. This suited soak even knows if you've cracked open a new bottle. Best of all, the silly old sausage slurs his words as the bottle empties. And even though he looks a bit like Uncle Albert off Only Fools and Horses, Bottle Buddy speaks in an amusing, Leslie Phillips meets Terry Thomas drawl. I say!

    It goes without saying that Bottle Buddy is a great gift for wine lovers, but we suppose you could stick him on a similarly sized bottle of pop. The again, anyone who requires a drinking partner when downing lemonade needs help, not a Bottle Buddy. We reckon Bottle Buddy will brighten up any wine drinking session, from solo sipping to full-on soiree. And if anyone asks where all the plonk's gone, just say the butler did it. 'Urp!

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