Bop It! XT
  • Bop It! XT

Bop It! XT

Victory? Let’s shake on it!

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    Pull it

    Are you quick enough?

    Bop Its are the fist-bitingly addictive, follow-the-leader-style oojamiflips that order players to manipulate a wacky selection of extremities in time to an increasingly frantic musical cacophony. But if you think that’s mad, wait until you see Bop It XT.

    Set to shake things up, literally, this all-new addition to the Bop It stable issues six, yes six, commands including – yep, you guessed it – an all new shake function. So as well as bopping, twisting, flicking, pulling and spinning you’ll now need to jiggle the infernal contraption to avoid defeat. Aargh!

    Thanks to four play modes (Solo, Head-to Head, Pass-It and Party) kids and infantile adults can entertain themselves for hours. Parents, meanwhile, will be elated to know that this unputdownable gizmo boasts a headphone socket. The problem is most of ‘em will be as hooked as the kiddies, pulling Hulk-chewing-treacle-style faces before they can yell ‘Why you little *!#%!’

    Six commands:

    Pull it Bop it Twist it

    Pull it

    Bop it

    Twist it

    Shake it Spin it Flick it

    Shake it (new)

    Spin it

    Flick it

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