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Bop It Download
  • Bop It Download

Bop It Download

The beat goes on. And on, and on...

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    Bop It is the fist-bitingly addictive, follow-the-leader-style music game that orders players to manipulate its extremities in time to an increasingly frantic beat.

    Bop-It Download
    It's a bit like trying to play advanced high-speed pat-a-cake whilst listening to shout-outs from an irritating DJ on steroids. Hysterical! But, oh, how that smarty-pants voice and jolly music grates, especially after ten million goes. Enter the all-new Bop It Download.

    Bop-It Download Microphone


    The clue is in the name because this USB-friendly contraption allows you to download new beats and voices whenever you fancy. Simply hook it up to your computer, get on the Bop It site and start transferring your faves. There are loads to choose from. You can even use your own voice. Just plug the microphone into your computer's audio-in port, launch the software and start recording.

    Bop-It Download

    Spin it!

    Flick it!

    Twist it!

    Pull it!

    It goes without saying that a game this nutty brings out the worst in players - some of the orders we've recorded are unrepeatable. And utterly hilarious. First timers will be flabbergasted. 'Twist it, you &*^%ing great $*#*!' Brilliant!

    Bop-It Download

    Audio lead into headphones/speakers

    USB into PC

    Bop-It Download

    Bop it!

    With I5 difficulty levels and a maximum high score of 1000 (far more challenging than the old 250), this really is the ultimate Bop It. It even lets you 'unlock' new sounds as you score more points, and sometimes issues commands via the lights on its extremities. And if you want to irritate the neighbours you can even hook it up to your stereo speakers and invite your mates round for some rocking good party action. Aargh!

    Bop-It Download

    USB connection to download
    more sounds

    We reckon this bonkers party game is the best Bop It yet. And just like its predecessors you can play alone, with friends or head to head. In fact the only thing you can't do with Bop It Download is resist the temptation to pull imbecilic, Jagger-chewing-treacle-style faces, as you struggle to compete with the beat. Twist it! Pull it! Spin it...Aargh!!

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