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Bop It Blast
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Bop It Blast

Lights, music, actions!

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    It might look like a Cyberman's boomerang but this sleek, curvaceous length of electronic jiggery-pokery is actually the latest addition to the spectacularly addictive Bop It range of follow-the-leader-style musical contraptions.

    If we've already lost you, allow us to explain: Bop Its are hilarious reflex-testing playthings that play a variety of increasingly up-tempo ditties. The idea is to follow a series of commands by bopping, tweaking and pulling this strange gizmo's extremities in order to score points. A bit like trying to pat your head, rub your tum and play high-speed pat-a-cake whilst listening to shout-outs from an irritating DJ on steroids as he spins some videogame-influenced hard house.

    Bop It Blast might not look quite as wacky and Willy Wonka-ish as its predecessor - in fact it looks decidedly streamlined - but believe us, it's even more infuriatingly amusing. That's because as well as ergonomically designed adjustable handles, this all-new version of Bop It features synchronized light (yes, light) commands and fully-customizable toe-tappers for you to follow.

    With Bop It Blast you choose the voice you want to hear, the game you want to play and the way you want to play. Game options include the ever-popular Beat Bop with beat commands and Vox Bop with voice commands. But the real revelation is Light Bop. This enthralling new feature means you have to follow a series of synchronized voice and light commands - not dissimilar to the old Simon electronic game (ask your dad), but a gazillion times more addictive.

    Indeed, Bop It Blast has got 'gissus another go' written all over it (not literally, that would detract from its elegance) and it really is a hilariously entertaining party plaything for any pretend musos out there, as it tests co-ordination skills to the max. You can play alone, with friends or head to head. In fact the only thing you can't do with Bop It Blast is resist the temptation to pull imbecilic, Jagger-chewing-treacle-style faces, as you struggle to compete with the beat!

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