Boostcase for iPhone 5
  • Boostcase for iPhone 5
  • Boostcase for iPhone 5
  • Boostcase for iPhone 5
  • Boostcase for iPhone 5

Boostcase for iPhone 5

Your Backup Buddy

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  • Never get caught without power again
  • Detachable battery sleeve keeps your iPhone slim & sexy
  • Monitor your juice levels with the battery indicator


Almost everything about the iPhone 5 is great. Higher resolution camera, bigger storage capacity, heck, you can even put the charging cable in upside down. That is amazing. Notice how we said almost everything is great though… More often than not, ever-improving features depressingly mean a shorter battery life. Ever since the day we received our shiny new device, we've desperately been on the lookout to find something to solve this dreadful affliction whilst still looking fresh. That search is over…

The Boostcase for iPhone 5 is the solution to the battery conundrum that in truth, the iPhone should’ve never had in the first place. Sure, the Boostcase isn’t the first portable charger in existence, but it’s certainly the cleverest, most attractive and easiest to use we've ever seen.

The Boostcase is the perfect marriage of two parts, otherwise known as Hybrid technology. Fancy. The first part is the sleek, snap-on protective case, designed to stay attached to your beloved iPhone at all times whilst at the same time, making it look infinitely cooler. The ingenious second part is the attachable battery sleeve which when easily clipped onto the back of the snap-on case, will rescue you from powerless perils.

Thanks to 1500MAH of raw, recharging power, the Boostcase can bring your near-dead iPhone back up to full power. After a full boost, you’ll be able to get a further 6 hours talk time, 6 hours web use, 7 hours of cat-watching video playback or a whopping 30 hours’ worth of your favourite tunes. That’s enough to play Lionel Richie’s entire back catalogue one and a half times over.

The handy battery level indicator is the perfect way to work out just how much juice your back-up buddy has left in the tank. When it’s running on empty, simply pop the battery part of the case on charge using the included micro USB cable next time you’re near your computer and you’ll be power-full once again.

Never get caught out in your most desperate time of need ever again with the Boostcase.

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