Boon Glo Nightlight
  • Boon Glo Nightlight
  • Boon Glo Nightlight
  • Boon Glo Nightlight
  • Boon Glo Nightlight

Boon Glo Nightlight


Product not available at the moment.
  • 3 Removable Glowing Balls act as magical portable nightlights
  • Ideal for those scaredy-cats who are afraid of the dark
  • Soothing cycle of colours makes for perfect mood lighting
  • Pretend you're David Bowie out of Labyrinth but without the unseemly codpiece
  • Carry the balls with you when you go for a midnight trip to the bathroom, instead of turning the light on like a selfish pig


Every kid from 3 to 90 years old knows the dark can bring with it all manner of perils. The Bogeyman, malevolent ghosts, urban foxes, freaky pale girls - with black hair covering their face - walking like crabs, Bob. It’s no picnic. Only light can battle the dark. This is why you need the Boon Glo Nightlight.

OK so it might look like a chic piece of extra-terrestrial décor, but the Boon Glo Nightlight packs a plethora of neat features. As a stand-alone nightlight it can cycle through a wide spectrum of soothing colour sequences, which is pretty cool as it is, but it’s when you castrate it by removing a Glo Ball that it wins your heart!

That’s because you can take the glowing balls with you! Any of the 3 balls can be removed simply from the mains charged cradle, and will hold that light charge for up to 30mins. That means you can take them with you to alight your path in the inky black darkness. No more stubbed toes, toppling down the stairs or being afraid of the dark corners of your mind.

It’s simply the coolest nightlight you can buy.

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